The Physics of Spider-man

On Monday, April 2nd, 2018, my Physics class started working on a new project called “The Physics of Superheroes” where each of us is supposed to choose a superhero that we interested, in which we will be research on the physics behind their superpowers. By the end of this project, each of us required writing a one-to-two page of well enough explanation about the complicated physics behind the superhero’s powers along with a poster that will display the important information from the writing paper as a visual product.

I chose to work on Spider-man and I was focusing on one of his superpower which was webbing. We need to properly identify the superpowers and connect them to laws of physics that exist in the real world. We also need to show that we understand most of the physics that we bring up in our paper as well as identifying which superpower is realistic and which is not. And last, I need to put enough effort into my poster and make sure that it can display important information in a creative way.

This project is really difficult for me personally because the physics behind Spider-man power is a really complex physic for me. It took me a lot of time to understand a concept. I finish my paper writing in four days and I started working on my poster the day after. This is actually how my poster turns out.

This is the poster of physics behind Spider-man.

I actually really like that this project allows us to choose the superhero that we want to research about. I had learned a lot of incredible facts from this research project and I was really happy to learn that some superpower that seems nonsense can actually happen in the real world which is really impressive because it shows that we humans are really amazing! Through doing this project, it always reminded me of a quote that says “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!” Please enjoy my writing that I attached here.

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