SAT Bootcamp

Group picture with our SAT Bootcamp mentors.

On the first day of school after the two-month holiday, we had a P-SAT test which was really frustrating. What a way to start the next school year!

As mentioned, we started this school year very differently with SAT Bootcamp for the first two weeks because many of us will be taking the real SAT exam in the upcoming October 6th which including me as well. We had three different classes in total: math, English, and an extra class for Bootcamp homework and also a class to catch up with some new information about college.

This SAT Bootcamp was just like any other SAT Bootcamp. In English section, we always started class with 10 pairs of the most confusing words in English and the rest of the class time will be focused mostly on studying each strategy to answering the different type of questions efficiently. One of my most favorite strategies was the elimination strategy. This strategy was really useful when it comes to the command of evidence question (COE). It’s really hard to explain the way I handled this type of question. Basically, I read the part A question and then go straight to the COE because instead of reading each well-written answers that are very tricky and confusing in part A, I tried to figure out the answer in part B because it usually not as tricky and later on match it with the answer from part A.

We always end English class with a lot of homework. By a lot I mean A LOT; I remembered that one time when we got 80 SAT questions to get done overnight, plus the vocab homework which was to come up with example sentences for each vocabs questions which we would then share to our classmates in the next class period.

For the math section, we didn’t really have specific strategies for each type of math questions. So basically, we tried to do as many kinds of questions that can appear in SAT exams as possible. The class would basically start with our mentor showing some convenient way to solve a question. My favorite strategy that I wanted to highlight is polynomial division, which basically works like the normal division as well. I like it for a lot of reasons and not only that it’s getting me to the right answer very quickly but also it teaches me to not afraid of fractions, or abnormal numbers because there’s always a simple way to handle things.

SAT Bootcamp had taught me a lot of useful strategies for time-limiting exams and I definitely gonna use those while taking the real SAT exam.

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