SAT Prep. in Math Class

Over 50% of Liger students, including me, will end this school term with SAT Exams, which I surprisingly really excited about but also nervous at the same time. The exams will be held in Liger campus on the upcoming October 6th. I had tried to spend as much time as possible into doing intense practice for the SAT mainly use Khan Academy but also SAT textbook; it had been hard to manage to do so due to the amount of homework I receive from school.

Math period had always been a time for me to study math deeply to prepare for the SAT. I can always ask my math facilitator for any math problems I struggle with. With the help from my facilitator and the self-study I’ve done, I had made a significant jump in my math SAT score.

My goal in this upcoming SAT specifically in the math section, I hope I will get no more than ten questions wrong which means I plan to get 670 or above. There are many strategies that you could use to save time during the SAT exams. Those strategies could be as simple as choosing the right way to solve each question and don’t always depend on the calculator.

For this specific questions, instead of plug in and solve, you can use the eliminate strategy:

Screenshot from Khan Academy.

x +   y = -9

x + 2y = -25

Subtract both equations and we get:

y = -16

Plug in the easiest equation and quickly solve for x.

Compare to plug in and solve, this strategy saves a lot of time. If you were to do the plugin and solve strategy:

y = -x – 9

x + 2(-x – 9) = -25

This might seems easy for this particular question, but for a lot of time in SAT, this strategy is really time-consuming and during the process of solving, you might face some stressful number like fractions as well.

In SAT exams, you got no time to waste. You can always use each second you save for the harder questions you meet. Though, you should prioritize getting the easy and straightforward questions done before spending time, solving for the harder one because each question worth the same amount of point.

Through many practices throughout the week, I feel really confident in a lot of material in math.

Though, there are still some questions that still bother me and a lot of those made up a really tiny percent of the SAT.

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