Filming “Past Time” for Literacy

In pronunciation class, we have an activity that will help to improve our English pronunciation. One of the most exciting activity is making films. I really love watching films, so why not create one myself?! 

Most of the teams only have a five-minute film, but us, we have a long one because we really want to get creative with it and make it more fun for ourselves. Please enjoy watching,

Chili Sauce Business

Hello! We are from an exploration called Chili Sauce Business, and currently we are working on start up a successful business of creating original chili sauce flavor. First of all, we had borrow money in order to use in our needed. So after we have money, we start to buy some sample of existing, popular chili sauce and let people test it to find out what are their favorite chili sauce flavor, and start collecting data. After we have more ideas with flavor, we start thinking of a new flavor for ourselves. We create a small amount of chili sauce in our school kitchen and let’s our friends and teachers test it and give us some tips of how to improve it. At the same time, we also try to design our own logo and also a new, brand name for our business.

First-Draft Short Story

I expect this to have a lot of mistakes in term of grammar. This is a first-draft activity where I wrote the whole story without properly checking for grammar errors. Enjoy reading,

“If you can be friend with a dinosaur, they will tell you how to come back home. Try your best! Who can come back survive, and who can’t, will die in this world.” The spirit said.

I was the first person to wake up from this weird dream. But what I see is the sand and the trees, no classroom, no school, and our teachers are gone. After a while, everyone else includes Aman started to wake up. They all looking around and try to explore this new world.

I went to pick up my bag. I open my bag and check what in there. Again, I didn’t see books or any learning materials, but what I can see is a bottle, a long rope, two little knives and etc.
“Guys, what do you see in your bag?” asked Plank that me.
And the answer is the same as what I have here. Just then a big, deep sound comes behind us.
“D-d-dinosaur!” shouted every grade 7 students.
Then we started to run in different direction. I try my best to stop everyone, but I just can’t. So I quickly holding Aman’s hand and run quickly to the east. But it the worst direction ever. We meet another group of the little dinosaur. And they are more aggressive than the last one we met, so they started to chase us. I quickly pull Aman again directly to the dark forest.

Inside the deep forest was very very dark because no sunlight can come through this evergreen forest. It kind of wet and we can smell nature and the dirt.
“We’re going to die here!” cried Aman.
“No! We’re not!” I quickly replied to Aman while try to wake her up from her stupid dream.
“It ok, you will be ok. We not gonna die here. I knew there will be a way to get over this.” I said.
“How about we’re can’t go back and we…” said Aman “No! I promise I will protect you.”
Then we heard a secret cracking sound without knowing who makes it. I hug Aman, and together we were walking toward the sound. Just then we were shock. We heard a sound of grooming. Then we walking slowly straight to the sound. It was a flying dinosaur who has a huge cut on its leg! I guess the wound caused by us kids or other species of dinosaur. I carefully trying to look closer to the wound of its body. But it not easy like what I think because this dinosaur always tries to protect itself.
“Just calm down, we are friends. I would never have any idea to hurt you.” Plank slowly said the word out loud. Just than Aman walk up closer to the dinosaur.
“Yes! We are friends. We really want to give you some treatment.”
Slowly the dinosaur started to calm down and it’s letting Aman and Plank take the leave to cover its wound. Then they all become friends.

The flying dinosaur leg is getting better now. But it still cannot fly fluently, and both Aman and Plank didn’t know why either. The flying dinosaur name Calendar and she like to eat meat. Three of them always walking and playing together in the forest.
“I have an idea!” said Plank. “Why don’t we create a protection stuff from wood. I guess I have a knife in my bag.” Than Plank quickly check the bag and started to create one for herself and one for Aman. Just then a roaring sound if coming toward them. Plank quickly pool the crying Aman again on Calendar. She saw a huge dinosaur running. So she through her weapon to the dinosaur. And it dies. Just then the world becomes hotter and a ton of block of fire fall from the sky. The dinosaur pulls both of them to nowhere. That is the huge magic cave!
“I think it time for you all to go back to where you from. I’m so sorry that I never tell you before. But I just want to be friend with you. And now I just want to apologize.”
“No! We never angry you. We really like to be your friend, and…” Plank said
“Okay! It time for you to go or else we all will be in danger.”

Plank let Aman go into the magic cave first and glance at Calendar.
“Why don’t you come with us?” said Plank.
“No! I belong here if I go I will disappear forever.” Said Calendar
Plank was running to hug Calendar one last time. But when she about to go inside she saw everyone else is hurting and trying to come along. So Plank quickly went to help them without letting Aman come outside because of it too dangerous.

“Come on Plank, the cave won’t last much longer, trust me it will be close in a minute.” Yelled the little Calendar

Plank quickly tell everyone to go inside the magic cave. But one of her friends is getting hit by the fire on her right leg. Then Plank tries her best to get her into the magic cave. As Plank about to get inside, the fire has hit in her arm. And… the cave was close with the magic glass. Everybody started to teleport themselves back to where they from looking sadly that Plank isn’t coming along and die in the dinosaur world because of who? It’s because of them. Aman cry loudly trying to get out of the cave. But she just can’t.

Everybody coming back safely into the classroom and waiting to see Plank. But…
She never returns.

Project-Based Learning

Sharing learning experiences with government students related to project-based learning.

Welcome to PBL exploration which is stand for Project-based Learning. Our goal is to includes project-based learning in Cambodia learning curriculum, which was request by the Ministry of Education in Cambodia. We strongly believe that we can do it. In class we are working on the four lessons such as PBL definition, Teamwork, Interview and presentation to share our experience to the teachers at the government school so that they can share it to their students. They are having one hour per week which in the total of three hours to complete their project. I really proud of Liger that give my a chance to help create a huge change for Cambodia.

School Field Trip

The whole Senior group picture!

Liger has a field trip to Kep as a celebrating time because soon the new Liger junior will come and learn at Liger too. I have marked it as my core memory. This is the last trip that we went out campus together as a school for the first generation at Liger. On the first day at Kep, we have gone to sleep at Gibbon Valley and hiking on the mountain as the mission to find the money that our teachers had hidden. Through this activity, we get to practice a lot of teamwork skills. On the next day, we went to Rabbit Island and have a free whole day to swimming in the ocean and walk on the beach with our barefoot. At night we are looking at the slide that created by our principle, Dom, that show the picture when we were younger, from the first and second year at Liger. Everyone is very surprised because there is a huge difference from the first year until now. I really appreciate the hard work that Liger does for me! Thank you and I am looking forward to more learning opportunities that are coming toward me.

Writing Sonnet

This Sonnet is created by Sreyneang.L and me.
And both of us named it as Gaming Sonnet

I couldn’t think of anything to say
Cuz there’s a word that pops up in my mind
I only know that I just want to play
Just couldn’t wait to see morning sunshine

Turn on my computer to start my game
Dragon City Minecraft and Clash of Clans
Think of creative ways to get to claim
Feeding my dragons and expand my land

Got my hacks and my sword for PVP
Just keep playing until my brain is bored
Build upgrades my village in C.O.C
I play all day, but still feel that it’s short

Saturday and Sunday are my free time
I wouldn’t spend money, even a dime

One morning I Woke up

This story was written by more than one person. In class, we rotate around and try to continue the story from one person to another. It kind of weird.
So please enjoy reading this,

One Morning I Woke Up

One morning I woke up, and to my surprise, I was smaller than a mango leaf with fairy clothes and wings. I was standing on the bed that has a lot of magical material around me. I saw one box that in front of me and when I opened it I saw a lot of crocodile eggs. Five minutes later the egg had hatched but it wasn’t aggressive at all. It was a strange crocodile I ever seen with gray eyes, yellow tongue and the tiny wings but there was a snake that came out of nowhere just ate the crocodile in one second. I got so mad at the snake I took a sword and killed it I got surprised when there were five colorful butterflies came out from the snake and suddenly the snake disappears. After the snake disappear the lion came and wanted to play basketball with me. And then I asked, “do you have a basketball ”. “Yes!” the tiger replied. So we had fun together. After 5 minutes later the sky changed to a beautiful castle that has a stair for me to walk up to where I said to the tiger “do you want to go with me?” then the tiger said “sure! why not!”. Then we walk into that magical castle. At the moment the light comes around me as I arrived the middle of the castle. Then I change into normal size person! Then the light guides me back to my house in only a minute. Then I live happily with my family ever after.

Creative Writing Class

This is what the main character looks like!

Please enjoy reading,

Chapter 1
“Wohoo!” came the happiness sound of Pardy the Leopard, running around on the cold, icy mountain, which was called Marindella. He sat down on a huge, freezing block of floating ice, hoping to see birds flying over the ocean at sunset. “Owlvy!” shouted Pardy with a grin. “Hey boy! See ya!” Owlvy the owl, flew quickly over the icy mountain with the other owls.

Chapter 2
“Haha!” came the laughing sound of an old, evil leopard, Frinom, who lived in the cave nearby the castle on the cold, icy mountain. “The King of Marindella should be me! Haha!” said the evil leopard, with his little friend, an evil frog, Venny. Frinom tried to create poisonous medicine and was planning to kill the queen soon.

Chapter 3
After enjoying his day in the beautiful environment outside, Pardy returned to the castle. “Pardy!” said the queen of leopards, Stinga. “Yes, Mama?” said Pardy. “Today we are going to have a celebration for your birthday! And I just want to say Happy Birthday to you, honey!” said Stinga with a grin. “Oh! Thanks mom.” He paused then continued: “I’m going to get dressed up, ok?” said Pardy, while running quickly to enter his dressing room.

Chapter 4
The poisonous medicine was finished being created by the evil leopard. “It is time for me to be the king! Haha!” said Frinom, while holding it tightly. At that moment, a fly flying around the bottle attracted Venny, who shot out his tongue, trying to catch the fly. But accidentally, besides catching the fly, Venny pushed the bottle out of Frinom’s hand, which caused it to fall down in a drainage pipe on a little, bird with a broken leg. The medicine actually helped this bird to fly and be healthy again.

Chapter 5
“Welcome to Pardy’s Birthday celebration!” said Stinga, showing her happiness while sharing the tickets to her guests. “Oh, thanks!” said Owlvy with a smile. “Hey Owlvy! I can’t believe you are here today!” said Pardy. “Ok thanks, bye Stinga!” said Owlvy while walking straight to Pardy. “Hey! Let’s go upstairs to eat some fresh fish from Marindella castle, ok?” said Pardy. Upstairs, Owlvy flew around showing how fun it is to have wings. Then Pardy said: “I wish I could fly one day,” while dancing slowly, following the music’s melody downstairs. As he finished his sentence, a little, glossy bird came flying around him and gave him a peck. After a moment, Pardy felt little shiny things floating around him in the air, and then he became unconscious.

Chapter 6
“Oh gosh! Where am I?” asked Pardy, while knocking his head, showing his confusion. At that moment he heard a shrill sound: “Meow! Meow!” This secret, scary sound showed up again louder. Then Pardy quickly ran to find out who it was. “That’s my pet, Kitty, the little cat!” said Pardy while looking at his cat, who was stuck on the thin branch of the tree nearby. So then Pardy quickly tried his best to help it. As he reached Kitty, a sound of tree branches cracking was heard. Just then, both Kitty and Pardy were falling down! Pardy tried his best to avoid falling. As they were about to hit the ground, something strange happened. Pardy’s hands changed to wings, which allowed him to fly and escape from being hit. Then he put his cat down and started to enjoy his new wings. Owlvy was coming to Pardy’s room to find him, but Pardy had disappeared. “Pardy, where are you?” said Owlvy, walking straight to the door. But something distracted his action. “What is it? This purple book is pretty attractive.” Owlvy paused, then continued: “I’m going to borrow this book from Pardy!”

Chapter 7
Pardy was flying over the broken icy blocks over the ocean, where he used to watch birds flying with the sunset, when: “What in the world?! Is this a dream?” said Owlvy with an excited face. “Hi there!” said Pardy with a grin, then he continued, “Can you show me a trick of flying?” Owlvy asked, “If you can fly, do you have any special powers?” Pardy said, “Emm! I don’t know. But we can try, right? Let’s do this!” He quickly flew back to his room with his friend. As both of them flew together, touching wings, Pardy’s legs became owl talons. They both were surprised, but they continued their mission without knowing that they had been recognized by the evil leopard, Frinom.

Chapter 8
“Can you change yourself back into your proper body?” asked Owlvy. “Maybe!” said Pardy.” He try to focus on his wings and his legs, but nothing happened! Owlvy advised. “Maybe you should try to put all your energy on your wings and legs!” Pardy tried it again. As soon as Pardy concentrated, there were a lot of glossy little things floating in the air, which quickly flew into his wings and legs. He became normal again and he said happily “I did it!”

Chapter 8
“Em! I hope to find out what happened to Pardy, the prince of Marindella!” said Frinom to his frog friend. “You need to follow Pardy and find out how he became like this!” said the evil leopard. “Yes, Sir!” smiled little Venny. So then Venny started following Pardy everywhere without letting him know.

Chapter 9
“Hey! I have one question that you have not yet answered,” said Owlvy. “Oh yeah, what is it?” said Pardy. “How do you become like this?” asked Owlvy, showing a confused face. “Actually, this is a great question and I’m not really sure what the answer is . But, as I remember, before I became like this, there was a little glossy bird flying to give me a peck, then I became unconscious. So I became like this!”. As Venny heard the answer, he ran quickly to tell Frinom. “Really?” asked Frinom, then continued, “I know what I can do, ha ha!”. So then Frinom created another medicine and quickly drank it.

Chapter 10
Pardy’s family was having dinner time happily. “Mom! This has been the best day ever!” said Pardy happily. “Yes it has been!” said Stinga, then continued: “Where was Owlvy?” “I didn’t know, but…” Something distracted Pardy. Pardy quickly found the owner of the sound: Frinom. “Frinom! What happened, why do you have…wings?” asked Stinga with surprise. “Your majesty, are you afraid of the new me, with half of myself and half of a vulture?” asked Frinom. “What do you want?” asked Pardy. “I want that!” said the evil Frinom quickly, pointing to the queen’s crown on her head. He was flying straight, hoping to kill the queen immediately. But his hand was caught by Pardy. “Stop that!” yelled Pardy. So they both were fighting. “Take the queen to a safe place, guards!” Pardy told the guards. So, he got hit strongly by Frinom. By the time Owlvy arrived, staying behind Frinom quietly, Pardy didn’t recognize Owlvy.

Chapter 11
Something popped up in Owlvy’s head, reminding him of a purple book that he was found in Pardy’s room. So he quickly flew to find it, hoping to find some solutions. So he went through the book. “How to become your normal self again?” Owlvy read it out loud. After finding out the answer, Owlvy quickly flew back to help Pardy.

Chapter 12
Owlvy was acting weirdly behind Frinom, trying to tell Pardy something, but Pardy was misunderstanding. So he decided to say out loud: “Catch Frinom!” Owlvy’s words distracted Frinom’s actions, who was fighting Pardy with strength. So Pardy bravely caught Frinom without being afraid of him. Now Owlvy had a chance to complete his work. First of all, he put his ten fingers on the middle of Frinom’s back and screamed loudly “Safirasonyrato!”. As he finished his words, many glossy little things floated in the air out of Frinom’s body. Then Frinom became normal again. “Guards, take Frinom to the prison!” Four guards came quickly to take him. “Thanks Owlvy!” said Stinga and Pardy. Then Owlvy gave Pardy the purple book, and started to talk about it with him. When the evil frog, Venny, knew that Frinom was in the prison, he was pretty scared. So he decided to escape from Marindella, and changed himself to be a better frog.

Chapter 13
“Cheers!” said Pardy. The whole family happily enjoyed the celebration. Then two years later, Pardy was getting married with a beautiful leopard princess from another castle. They respectfully said thank you to their mothers in their wedding celebration. The king, Pardy, lived with his queen and friend, Owlvy, happily ever after.

Humans of Cambodia

Asking the teacher to interview.

Hi! We are from the Liger Learning Center. In Liger, we do project-based learning, which includes something called “Explorations.” They are seven-week projects where we connect with our community to learn and make a change. In class, we explored and analyzed Humans of New York and Humans of Phnom Penh , sharing our opinions and discussing some ideas. Then we decided to make our own. So first we went out to interview people in the community near Liger. Then we try our best to go out the campus and interview more people from different places in Cambodia. The name of our blog is Humans of Cambodia. Check it out!

How to write formal Email?

In networking expertise, I had learned how to write a formal email.
This is just a fake information that I make it up,
Please enjoy reading it,


Subject: Invitation to Animal Guide book launch

Dear Madam,
My name is Vattey and I am a student at Liger Learning Center. I got your contact information by a website called Publications and Educational Resources. We would like to invite you to attend the Animal Guide book launch located at Meta house on Saturday starting at 2pm. It is our great honor to have you as our guest. The event is prepared in the intention to show our acknowledgment of authoring and illustrating books. Therefore this will be an outstanding opportunity for us to learn from your experiences of authoring books.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
We’re looking forward meeting you.

Chanvattey Leang