First-Draft Short Story

I expect this to have a lot of mistakes in term of grammar. This is a first-draft activity where I wrote the whole story without properly checking for grammar errors. Enjoy reading,

“If you can be friend with a dinosaur, they will tell you how to come back home. Try your best! Who can come back survive, and who can’t, will die in this world.” The spirit said.

I was the first person to wake up from this weird dream. But what I see is the sand and the trees, no classroom, no school, and our teachers are gone. After a while, everyone else includes Aman started to wake up. They all looking around and try to explore this new world.

I went to pick up my bag. I open my bag and check what in there. Again, I didn’t see books or any learning materials, but what I can see is a bottle, a long rope, two little knives and etc.
“Guys, what do you see in your bag?” asked Plank that me.
And the answer is the same as what I have here. Just then a big, deep sound comes behind us.
“D-d-dinosaur!” shouted every grade 7 students.
Then we started to run in different direction. I try my best to stop everyone, but I just can’t. So I quickly holding Aman’s hand and run quickly to the east. But it the worst direction ever. We meet another group of the little dinosaur. And they are more aggressive than the last one we met, so they started to chase us. I quickly pull Aman again directly to the dark forest.

Inside the deep forest was very very dark because no sunlight can come through this evergreen forest. It kind of wet and we can smell nature and the dirt.
“We’re going to die here!” cried Aman.
“No! We’re not!” I quickly replied to Aman while try to wake her up from her stupid dream.
“It ok, you will be ok. We not gonna die here. I knew there will be a way to get over this.” I said.
“How about we’re can’t go back and we…” said Aman “No! I promise I will protect you.”
Then we heard a secret cracking sound without knowing who makes it. I hug Aman, and together we were walking toward the sound. Just then we were shock. We heard a sound of grooming. Then we walking slowly straight to the sound. It was a flying dinosaur who has a huge cut on its leg! I guess the wound caused by us kids or other species of dinosaur. I carefully trying to look closer to the wound of its body. But it not easy like what I think because this dinosaur always tries to protect itself.
“Just calm down, we are friends. I would never have any idea to hurt you.” Plank slowly said the word out loud. Just than Aman walk up closer to the dinosaur.
“Yes! We are friends. We really want to give you some treatment.”
Slowly the dinosaur started to calm down and it’s letting Aman and Plank take the leave to cover its wound. Then they all become friends.

The flying dinosaur leg is getting better now. But it still cannot fly fluently, and both Aman and Plank didn’t know why either. The flying dinosaur name Calendar and she like to eat meat. Three of them always walking and playing together in the forest.
“I have an idea!” said Plank. “Why don’t we create a protection stuff from wood. I guess I have a knife in my bag.” Than Plank quickly check the bag and started to create one for herself and one for Aman. Just then a roaring sound if coming toward them. Plank quickly pool the crying Aman again on Calendar. She saw a huge dinosaur running. So she through her weapon to the dinosaur. And it dies. Just then the world becomes hotter and a ton of block of fire fall from the sky. The dinosaur pulls both of them to nowhere. That is the huge magic cave!
“I think it time for you all to go back to where you from. I’m so sorry that I never tell you before. But I just want to be friend with you. And now I just want to apologize.”
“No! We never angry you. We really like to be your friend, and…” Plank said
“Okay! It time for you to go or else we all will be in danger.”

Plank let Aman go into the magic cave first and glance at Calendar.
“Why don’t you come with us?” said Plank.
“No! I belong here if I go I will disappear forever.” Said Calendar
Plank was running to hug Calendar one last time. But when she about to go inside she saw everyone else is hurting and trying to come along. So Plank quickly went to help them without letting Aman come outside because of it too dangerous.

“Come on Plank, the cave won’t last much longer, trust me it will be close in a minute.” Yelled the little Calendar

Plank quickly tell everyone to go inside the magic cave. But one of her friends is getting hit by the fire on her right leg. Then Plank tries her best to get her into the magic cave. As Plank about to get inside, the fire has hit in her arm. And… the cave was close with the magic glass. Everybody started to teleport themselves back to where they from looking sadly that Plank isn’t coming along and die in the dinosaur world because of who? It’s because of them. Aman cry loudly trying to get out of the cave. But she just can’t.

Everybody coming back safely into the classroom and waiting to see Plank. But…
She never returns.

Water Safety

My topic is about medic. In the medic topic, I choose to learn about aquatic protection because mostly I had seen a lot of people around me get drown when they go somewhere especially in rural area. First, I need to have some research about treating the different type of drowning. Then I hope that I can meet anyone or experts at aquatic protection (can be day trip). At last, when I go somewhere else, I wish I can help people with my independent discovery skill that I learn in Liger. To share my knowledge with other people, I will make some brochure and share them.